More on talking to your audience

I was reading ok-cancel today, and saw an article about getting UI designs ‘through the gauntlet’ of different groups of people at the client. Kevin and Tom consistently provide great insights on how to thrive in the HCI world, providing insights both in how to navigate customer-politics and processes, and in how to approach designing user interfaces. If you’re not a regular reader of theirs – you should be. And don’t overlook the comment threads – great input from their readers as well.

Kevin talks in particular about how to communicate with different team members as part of incorporating UI designs into the finished product – by understanding that you need to communicate with people in the language to which they are accustomed. I just wrote about this same topic at a general level in my recent post, Intimate domains. Kevin provides great specific suggestions along the same vein.

Kevin also provides good guidance about how to structure the requirements for a user interface – check it out.


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