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I’ve set up this blog to keep track about thoughts I have in the software development space. I’m Scott Sehlhorst, president of Tyner Blain LLC. I wear a bunch of hats, playing different roles throughout the software development process. Tyner Blain was founded with two goals – helping customers and developing software. We pursue both consulting engagements and software development. We’re located in the surprisingly great city of Austin, TX (well, I was surprised when I got here), and we started operations on 05/05/05. I’m just now getting around to the blog.

There are a lot of topics in this space that I hope to post about. I have passions about process, requirements, development as an artistic expression, quality, and HCI (human-computer interfaces). I often find things as simple (or mundane) as an elegant algorithm or a brilliant UI affordance to be uplifting. I’ll also be writing collections of posts in series-format, covering topics like use cases, structured requirements, and general introductory material (for people who need a little more context than the regular posts contain). I will also post lists from time to time.
I have two goals for this blog.

  1. Make a positive impact on the community that cares about creating great software by stimulating thought, provoking debate, and sharing ideas.
  2. To become better at what I do. Writing helps me form better thoughts, and learning from the comments of readers makes me that much better.

If one person reads this blog and has a novel idea, or improves their team’s performance, or makes their software easier to use, I consider that a win.
Anyway, welcome aboard, please comment and link. Let me know when I’m wrong, and let me know when you agree with me. Feedback is a big part of how we learn. When you do put an idea inspired by this blog to work – please tell us about it!



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