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Product Manager – Strategic or Not?

Are product managers really involved in strategic discussions, or are we just order takers?  Adrienne Tan has poked the beehive and started a great discussion with this article.  Joining in from here, hopefully adding folks to the conversation.  Check it out, and chime in here or on the brainmates blog.

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Superhero Product Managers

Product managers are the leaders in organizations that lead by unfluence, adapt to changing circumstances, understand domains and markets, and communicate effectively with executives, customers, and development. They set scope, understand value, prioritize and define direction. They leap tall buildings in a single bound…

Free Webinar on Strategic Product Management

Sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee while listening to a great, 30 minute, presentation by Barbara Nelson, Pragmatic Marketing instructor. Citrix is hosting a free webinar for (well, for everyone, I guess), in exchange for contact information. Barbara presents a great overview of the strategic role of product management, and Pragmatic’s framework. For people who’ve previously attended the PPM training, this is a good refresher – for other folks – if you want to know why product managers should be doing strategic work, check this out.