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Who Are Your Customers – Comparing Products Part 2

The first step to comparing products is understanding your customers.  This may seem counter-intuitive, but your product’s capabilities are meaningless unless you are comparing them from your customer’s point of view.  This article is part 2 in a series on comparing products.  Check out part 1, then continue with this article on the first steps of comparing products.

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Compare Products Not Specs – Comparing Products Part 1

Recently, the gadget-reviewer crowd has caught on to something we’ve known for a long time.  Comparing products is not about comparing specs, it is about comparing how well the products solve problems that customers will pay to solve.  That begs the question – how should you compare products?  Read on to see the product comparison technique I recommend.
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Product Differentiation vs. Product Improvement

Build a better mousetrap. That’s what they used to say. But that doesn’t differentiate our products. Everyone is doing better, we need to do different.