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Product Managers & Innovation

Thanks everyone for the great conversation in the most recent #prodmgmttalk chat session!  This week, Roger Cauvin inspired us to think about product managers as innovators – or enablers of innovation.  Each week, I find myself thinking about at least one of the #prodmgmttalk questions long after the hour is over.  This week’s thought – organizations prevent product managers from innovating.

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Is Your Market Fragmented or Concentrated?

Market concentration – or fragmentation – is an important big picture view of your market.  Insights into the nature of competition for your customers will help you make decisions about your product.  But only if you correctly define your market.

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Innovation and Transparency

Accept has invited me to participate in their webinar series on Transparency and Innovation – this Wednesday, July 28, 2010 (10AM Pacific, 1PM Eastern).

Join us and join in!

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The Conversation Ecosystem

The previous article, The Conversation Economy, lays out a perspective of approaching the success of your business, and of your product, in light of the conversations that flow around them.  You can view the ecology that defines your market in terms of the kinds of conversations you’re having with your customers, users, and prospects.  This article explores that ecosystem in more depth – categorizing the types of conversations that are critical to the success of your product.

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ProductCamp Austin Summer 2009

Austin’s 3rd UnConference for product managers and product marketing managers is coming up on August 15t.  If you’re in Austin or can come to Austin, you should definitely plan on participating – it’s free, and a great opportunity to network, share, and learn.

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Product Management Philosophy

Adam Bullied has thrown down a “manifesto” to start a conversation on product management – and to try and help drive our community to a common definition or understanding of product management.  And he’s asked for feedback.  Using idea seeding, we’ll see what we can come up with in 30 minutes.

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Michael Arrington’s Inbox is Fat!

Michael Arrington has 2400+ unread emails in his inbox. And he needs someone to fix it.

If you are the person with the idea to save us all, send me an email and tell me all about it. Actually, strike that. Drop by my house and tell me all about it. I don’t want your message to get lost in my inbox.

Michael Arrington

Michael is looking for the email equivalent of a magic diet pill. He can’t change his behavior, so he needs a dietary supplement. The dieting-market is huge, and products succeed playing on that emotion for dieters. Is email management the same?
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Flashback: A Year Ago This Week on Tyner Blain [2006-10-06]

A look back at the best from a year ago.

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Superhero Product Managers

Product managers are the leaders in organizations that lead by unfluence, adapt to changing circumstances, understand domains and markets, and communicate effectively with executives, customers, and development. They set scope, understand value, prioritize and define direction. They leap tall buildings in a single bound…

Product Managers Play Tug-of-War

63% of product managers report to marketing and 24% report to development. 22% of requirements managers report to marketing with 55% in the development organization. These reporting structures can over-emphasize the needs of new users and super-users, while shortchanging the needs of the majority of users. Product managers will constantly be playing tug-of-war to get time to do the right thing.