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Agile Cadabra

Agile is not magical. Changing from a waterfall process to an agile process changes how your team works, and helps eliminate inefficiencies. Adopting an agile process does not let you magically have a more successful product. What makes agile powerful is also makes it dangerous.

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Whole Product Game

How can Theodore Levitt’s classic Whole Product approach help with defining a product roadmap?  I’ve been revisiting his concepts and their use recently, thinking about how to revise them for some exercises I’ve been doing with product teams.

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Is Agile Really Cheaper?

There are several ways to answer the question “is agile cheaper than waterfall?” Here are two of my favorites:

“It depends. Agile done well is cheaper, as long as you measure correctly.”

“You’re asking the wrong question. The right question is: is agile better?”

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Why Do Products Fail? – Forgetting that Users Learn

Next up in the series on the root causes of product failure – products that fail because you have ignored the user’s level of experience.  The first time someone uses your product, they don’t know anything about it.  Did you design your interfaces for new users?  After they’ve used it for a while, they get pretty good at using it.  How much do you think they like being forced to take baby steps through a guided wizard now?

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Why Do Products Fail? – Incomplete Solutions

This article continues the series exploring the root causes of product failure.  Even when you target the right users, and identify which of their problems are important to solve, you may still fail to solve the problems sufficiently.

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Specializing Generalist

The ideal agile team is made up of specializing generalists – but what does that really mean?  The goal isn’t to prevent functional silos of expertise, it is to allow people to cover for each other.

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Good Stuff on Agile and UXD

Best practices for user experience design and agile.  I don’t have the brainpower at the moment, or the experience and eloquence in general, to say it better than these guys.  So this week, I’m phoning it in, and deferring to these folks to say it far better than I can.

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Cadence Versus Risk

I’ve been thinking about the software development process.  Big, upfront, design and requirements.  User research and analysis.  Market insights, gained on exploration or over time.  Release cadence – how quickly you get, and incorporate, feedback from your customers about your product.  How quickly you react to your competitors’ reactions to your actions.

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Satisficing Sprints

Satisficing probably makes more sense than perfecting your product.

Can?  Open.

Worms?  Everywhere.

Are we really saying “don’t make it perfect?”  Yup.

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Market Driven Competitive Advantage

Your strategy should be driven by the needs of the market.  Becoming market-driven is critical to intentional product success.  But it is not enough to understand your market.  You have to sustain your understanding, and take advantage of it, competitively.

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