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Tyner Blain is a blog about software product success.

There are two ways to get information today – go look for it, or let it come to you.

You can always just come to Tyner Blain and see what I’ve written lately.  I tend to write longer-form articles that allow me to explore ideas deeply with you.  I find that type of article more valuable, I hope you do as well.

You can subscribe to our content, and the content will come to you.

  • Skip a few days? No problem, its all there waiting for you when you’re ready.
  • Only interested in some of the content? What better way to know if you’re interested than to quickly scan your email or news reader.
  • Pressed for Time? When the content comes to you, you save time over checking out the site directly. When you read several blogs, this can add up.
  • Want to read offline? When you subscribe, you get our content on your machine – read it online or off. On a plane? No problem.

Subscribing By Email

Everyone has email. Most people have the ability to set up folders and filters. With an email subscription, you can get a copy of every article we write, and even automatically archive and file them.


I’m setting up (as of March 2016) Mailchimp as the provider to email subscribers, after 10 years with a previous vendor.  If I did everything right, and you were subscribed through the previous vendor, then you are still subscribed – no need to do anything.  If your subscription disappeared, I’m sure it was my fault.  I’m sorry.  Please consider resubscribing.

Subscribe To Tyner Blain Now

To subscribe, just fill in the form below and click the button. You can do this at the top of the sidebar from any article you are reading or right here.

Subscribe to Tyner Blain by email

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You can also set up a free gravatar, which will show your picture next to your comments.  And did we mention that it is free?

Subscribing To Our News Feed

With a news reader, like Sharp Reader or Bloglines, our update comes to you and you read it when you’re ready. Copyblogger has shared a great explanation of how news feeds (RSS) work. Our feed is available from the link near the top of the sidebar, either “Subscribe by RSS” or the little orange icon.

You can also subscribe to our comments as a news feed. This works the same way as our news feed, except it only includes the comments that people make about each article. When you comment on an article and want to know when someone responds, this is the feed for you.

Thanks again!

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  1. Hi,

    How do i subscribe to your blog with RSS feed. Am unable to locate the feed on the site.
    Please help.


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