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On this page we will show the results of the polls we are hosting, as well as quick links to the pages that host them.  The polls are listed in order of creation.  Please vote!

We have no way to impact the size of the poll graphic.  Hover the mouse over any of the truncated text and it will scroll.  Also, the polls have up to 7 answers to choose from – only 4 are displayed at a time.  Hover the mouse over the up and down arrows to see other valid choices.

[Ed: You can vote on the polls from this page, or from any page on which they are shown.  If you want to add comments, please do so on one of the hosting pages]

1. Which requirements gathering technique is the most valuable?

Top five requirements gathering tips

2. What testing approach do you use?

Foundation series: Black box and white box testing

Software testing series: Black box vs. white box testing

3. Which use case format do you use?

Use case series: Introduction

Use case series: Formal use case

Use case series: Informal use case

Use case series: UML 2.0 use case diagrams

4. The worst use case mistake is…

Top five use case blunders

Top ten use case mistakes

5. Do requirements impact software greatness?

Take this poll or we’ll shoot this kitten

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