Monthly Archives: February 2011

Nokia’s Smartphone Strategy – Maximin

Nokia, the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer, is getting clobbered as their market rapidly moves away from them.  Recent analyst reports show that Android and iOS (Apple’s platform) based phones are rapidly gaining market share.  Nokia sells neither.  Nokia has a major press event in a few hours, where they will announce their smartphone strategy.  I think a maximin strategy is both likely and correct.

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Market Insights and Collaboration

In this week’s #ProdMgmtTalk, one of the livelier discussion topics was around gaining insights into your market – and what does that mean (to you)? Steven Haines was the speaker for this session who prompted us to think, and pushed us to rethink our views on market insights.  What a great example of collaboration among product managers!

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Everything Old is New Again

A lot of teams that I’ve worked on and with get hung up when thinking about defining requirements for “migration projects” and “system upgrades.”  There’s some intangible barrier to being market focused when it comes to improving existing internal systems.  Every new product represents a solution to an existing problem.  Why do so many projects move forward with teams that are blind to the actual requirements?

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