Monthly Archives: September 2010

Passionate Requirements

Writing passionate requirements is not about writing with passion.  It is about writing the requirements that cause people to be passionate about your product.  Find the most important problem, for your most important customers.  Understand the essence of what is important to solve that problem, for only those people.  Then write passionate requirements.

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Atomic Requirements

Each requirement you write represents a single market need, that you either satisfy or fail to satisfy.  A well written requirement is independently deliverable and represents an incremental increase in the value of your software.  That is the definition of an atomic requirement.  Read on to see why atomic requirements are important.

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Sprint Backlog – Don’t Solve Half of the Problem

Every team that transitions to agile faces this problem – some stories are too big to fit in a single sprint.  Most of the teams that I have worked with have the wrong instinct – to solve half of the problem for all users.

The right approach is to first solve all of the problem for a subset of the users.

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