Innovation and Transparency

Accept has invited me to participate in their webinar series on Transparency and Innovation – this Wednesday, July 28, 2010 (10AM Pacific, 1PM Eastern).

Join us and join in!

The Importance of Innovation and Transparency

Cool, huh? :)

Accept is hosting a free 5-part series on transparency, and has invited me to be one of their speakers.

The other speakers are rock stars – Nils Davis & Alex Lobba [replay available], Tom Grant, Roy Wildeman, and Brian Lawley.

Each of us will be looking at the importance of innovation and transparency from a different perspective.  Combine that with encouraged audience participation, and we should really be able to tease out some powerful ideas!

Join Us at 10AM Pacific on Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

I’ll be talking about how transparency (of the needs of your customers) affects the entire product creation team – not just product managers.  Register today for free, and I hope to get some great questions from you.




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  5. Nice job today. It is always good hear validation that this approach is still a best practice. I appreciate your insight.

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