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Minimum Market Acceptance

April Dunford just presented Startup Marketing 101 at DemoCamp Toronto.  Great ideas from the ‘marketing and your startup’ point of view.  I’ve often said that product managers and product marketers care about much of the same market data, they just do different things with it.  The idea of minimal feature set came up in April’s presentation – this article talks about product management, agile, and initial market acceptance.

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Business Goals and Requirements

Inventory in a warehouse

One of my colleagues got into a debate with one of his colleagues about the differences between goals and requirements.  His opponent fired the following salvo: “[That] is not a business requirement in any company of the world…”

What you call your requirements is less important than how you communicate them.

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Measuring Great Design – Mad Libs Input Form

image of mad libs pads

I came across a really interesting article, showing how making changes to the way an input form on a website increased interaction by 25 to 40%. The changes reflect the value of thinking outside-in, investing in user experience, and performance measurement.

Bonus: the idea is cool.

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