Monthly Archives: July 2009

Valuable Requirements

Writing valuable requirements is important.  It doesn’t matter how well your teams execute if they are off building the wrong products / capabilities / features.  The right products and capabilities are the ones that have relevant value.

  • Valuable requirements solve problems in your market.
  • Valuable requirements support your business strategy.
  • Valuable requirements solve problems for your users.
  • Valuable requirements meet your buyers’ criteria.
  • Valuable requirements don’t over-solve the problems.

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Writing Complete User Stories

User stories can make requirements management a lot easier.  They shift some of the communication from up-front documentation to ongoing dialog.  That’s the main reason they work so well for agile teams.  And agile teams focus on “what’s next?” instead of an ever-changing “what’s everything?”   The problem is, when those conversations are working well, it is easy to forget to make sure that what you’ve done is actually enough.  Add a small dose of traceability, and you can easily validate the completeness of your user stories.

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