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Personas Make Blue Ocean Strategy Proactive

Blue Ocean Strategy provides an interesting reactive analysis of companies and markets.  Personas are used to understand your customer’s needs.  Combining the two provides powerful proactive insights when positioning your product for market success.

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Measuring Market Concentration (Competition)

Is your market competitive, or concentrated?  What’s the difference, and how can you be objective about it and not just subjective?  The United States government uses a measure called HHI – the Herfindal-Hirschman Index – as an objective measure of how competitive a market is.  They use this measure to determine if a company is operating monopolistically, or to determine if a merger needs to be explored from an anti-trust perspective.  The ask the question: would the merger create an anti-competitive market?

You can use this metric to get insight into how competitive your market is, and to gain a better appreciation for trends in your market.  Read on to review the competitive landscapes and trends for email, search engines, browsers, and internet service providers.

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Product Growth Strategy

Growth is a make or break measurement for products and companies.  Investment is often determined by expected value, which is based (in part) on expectations of growth.  When you create a product, there are aspects of growth – how many people can use your product, and how many people do use your product.  When dealing with a freemium business model, there are two elements of use – paid use and free use.

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