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Tyner Blain Supports Gravatars!

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Gravatars Make Your Comments Stand Out!

A GR avatar is a globally recognized avatar. This is an image that you’ve associated with one or more email addresses – and when you make a comment on a blog or in a forum that supports gravatars, your comment will appear like this:

comment with gravatar

When you don’t have a gravatar, your comment looks like this:

no gravatar comment

And even though you may say something brilliant, it loses a little something, so set up your gravatar today – it’s free and easy!

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Business Architecture, Rules, and Requirements


We know to treat business rules and business requirements differently. One example – treat external government regulations as rules (because they are less subject to change than requirements). When you have multiple systems in an architecture, while “rules” makes sense for one system, “requirements” make sense for another. What do you do?

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Improved Prioritization And Market Segmentation


Prioritization is about maximizing the value you provide to your customers. When you have multiple sets of customers with different priorities, what do you do? You could try and find the lowest-common-denominator, and please everyone a little bit. But that would be the wrong thing to do – by trying to please everyone, you fail to delight anyone.

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Beyond Booked Solid: Solid Advice

beyond booked solid book cover

Michael Port’s new book just came out. If you’re trying to redefine or improve how you focus professionally, it would be a good read. If you run your own company, or want to, it is a great read. Michael has good advice, good reasoning for his advice, and he writes well – a very easy to read style. Not dumbed down, not full of jargon. As someone who exactly matches his target audience, I highly recommend Beyond Booked Solid.

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