Flashback: This Week in the Past on Tyner Blain [Jan 26]


A look back at the best from this week in the past.

CMMI Levels and Requirements Management Maturity Introduction

stack of books [Note: This is the first in a series of 6 articles]
CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) is a description of the level of enlightenment of a process. It is essentially a measure of the quality and capability of a process. There are five categories, into one of which every process will fall. IBM took a similar approach to defining the requirements management process. In this series of posts, we will marry the two frameworks.

Differentiate Your Product – Circumvent Comparisons

one sharp pencil

ook Ma! Me Too! The temptation to compete against a checklist can be overwhelming. When we have a competitor who provides 100 of this or 200 of that, it might seem smart to offer 200 of this and 300 of that. We’ll be better off if we focus instead on creating the other thing. The best way to compete is to valuably differentiate our product, not outdo our competition.

How to Write Good Use Case Names – 7 Tips


The first step in writing the use cases for a project is to define the scope of the project. One way to do that is to list the use case names that define all of the user goals that are in scope. To do that, you need to know how to write good use case names. Good use case names also serve as a great reference and provide context and understanding throughout the life of the project.

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