Flashback: A Year Ago This Week on Tyner Blain [2006-12-15]


A look back at the best from a year ago.

Overdoing Personas

archetypes of people

Its easy for us to overdo almost anything. Kim Goodwin offers some good advice about how not to overdo it when using personas as part of our software development process. Hat tip to Steve.

Actor Hierarchies and Then Some

actor hierarchy

Actor Hierarchies give us an overview of the people who will interact with the system. We can extend this model to provide a visual indication of how use cases are distributed through the organization. Further, we can leverage a hierarchy to show how use cases are rolled out to the users – a targeted communication for our stakeholders.

Incremental Delivery and Evolving Use Cases

open books

Amazon.com started by selling books. Their initial use case was “Sell books online.” The vision was always “Sell everything” – hence the name. But they started with a simple use case and evolved it.

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