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Each Friday, we highlight some of our favorite articles, bundles or reviews that people have submitted to nexus. Check out this week’s Friday Favorites…   And this week, we crossed over the 100 article mark!  Thanks to everyone who has submitted articles at nexus for helping us reach this milestone!  We’ve also had 150 ratings of the articles, and over 2000 readings.  Nowhere near the critical mass we need yet, but making progress.  Thanks to all!
Solve Customer Needs, Not Business Ones filed in product management

If you want to be a bad product manager, create new products based on business desires and existing assets. If you want to be a good product manager, create new products that fill customer needs that are not currently being met.

Making Product Roadmapping Work For Your Business filed in product management

Product roadmaps can be powerful assets to leading a technology business – buy only if they are created and managed in the context of appropriate policies. In fact, the product roadmapping process a company uses can be as important to its business as the roadmap itself. In the Product Strategy Network’s roundtable meetings on product roadmapping, field-tested practices and policies are presented in detail by PSN Members. Here are a few of the highlights:

Business Analysis: A Potted History filed in business analysis

This article is an informed and wide ranging history of the profession/role of the business analyst.  Written by a developer for developers to help understand the role and how to work with them.

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