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Hope you all had a great holiday weekend (or a great weekend even if not a holiday where you are). The implementation is moving forward for the bundles. The pending release now allows me to add, delete, re-order and edit items within a given bundle. The re-ordering is not good – you have to manually change the “position” of each item. While functional, this isn’t good enough to release – so I will be refactoring this tomorrow.

Progress Update

The following items (from our previous update) have a first implementation complete:

  • Each bundle is created by an individual (Paul the program manager).
  • Each bundle has a subject and description (”Intro to Use Cases” and “A tutorial that is designed…”).
  • Each bundle is composed of multiple items, and the items have an order (1,2,3,…).
  • Each item is created by an individual.
  • Bundles may allow for collaboration (multiple people submitting / editing items).
  • Bundles have categories and experience levels (”Testing,…” and “Beginner”).

The following items have not yet been implemented:

  • Each item can point to / represent / contain a single article, or it can be “empty”.
  • Bundles can be rated and reviewed by users.
  • Bundles may allow for collaboration (multiple people submitting / editing items).

How You Can Help

Bundles will demonstrate their power by providing vetted collections of articles on a single topic. You can help by starting to populate nexus with articles that you might want to combine into bundles. Or you can help by submitting articles about use cases – anything to do with use cases. The first bundle that I am going to create will be a “how to write use cases” bundle. Many of the articles that I believe I will include are articles that I’ve written over the last 18 months. I would love it if I could include other articles by other authors.

So – our team goal is to get a critical mass of articles about use cases – how to write them, how to use them, manage them, whatever. Submit some articles today. If you only submit one, that still helps a lot.

2 thoughts on “Nexus – More Progress on Implementation

  1. Hi Mukesh, thanks very much for asking. There are some pretty good tutorials on the help page at nexus –

    I would suggest looking at “How do I submit an article?” and “Why can’t I submit an article?”

    If those two don’t answer your questions – please let me know.

    Thanks again

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