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Nexus – More Progress on Implementation

under the hood

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend (or a great weekend even if not a holiday where you are). The implementation is moving forward for the bundles. The pending release now allows me to add, delete, re-order and edit items within a given bundle. The re-ordering is not good – you have to manually change the “position” of each item. While functional, this isn’t good enough to release – so I will be refactoring this tomorrow.

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Nexus – Third Alpha Release Prioritization

allen wrench

The second release of nexus went live today (build 127). It included the top features from our prioritized list published yesterday. This enabled the next use case from our first prioritized list of use cases – searching the articles. We also took this opportunity to refactor part of the user interface – adding pagination of articles and search results, and reworking the presentation of the article content based on user feedback.

In this article we look at the content of the third alpha release of nexus.

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