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APR: Infrastructure Setup

under the hood

This morning I finished up the infrastructure setup for our project. A bunch of under the hood work. Definitely required some propeller-head skills. The goal of this work is to get us to a working prototype as soon as possible. There are a couple links to some good agile testing articles, and the rest of this one is a quick list of what we did on Friday and today.

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APR: Updated Domain Model

model steamboat

More iteration in our agile project. In this article, we make several updates to the domain model (UML class diagram) based upon discussions on all of the articles in the series. More than a couple dozen in the last day. Thanks to everyone who has helped with feedback and encouragement – just awesome!

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APR: Thoughts on Ratings

thinking in a cabin

Our agile project is to create a site that lets you rate articles. In our corporate goals, we defined the goal to make it easier for people to find and read great content. Last night I was doing some research on social networks and thinking about the nature of our ratings approach. In this article I share some of those thoughts, and the reason for changing the ratings approach relative to previous designs.

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APR: Domain Model – UML Class Diagram

model steamboat

Along with design sketches and requirements, as part of the concurrent design and requirements development for our agile project, we have created a UML class diagram representing the domain. This iterative process allows us to incorporate the benefits of each perspective rapidly with the others in our race to prototype a working site.

This article reviews the domain model.

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APR: UI Platform Research


One of the elements of design we need to consider for our agile project is the interface that our users will be using. We need a way to survey our users to get this data. We are using the data from visitors to Tyner Blain as a presumably representative sample of the users of the new ratings site. This user group is defined in our vision document as “people in our niche.”

Most of the articles in this series (and offline conversations) are being used to gain qualitative feedback. We will combine this qualitative understanding with easily gathered quantitative data.

In this article, we look at some of the statistics gathered from just under 30,000 visitors since the first of the year.

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APR: Mixing It Up With Design And Requirements

prototyping flow
With a definition of the important use cases for our agile project, we can move to the logical next step – which is what exactly?


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APR: Prioritizing Use Cases – Vote Three Times

dice in order

In our agile project case study we defined corporate goals and user personas, and from our understanding created a list of use case names. We refined those use cases into use case briefs, filtering out some of the use cases (for the first revision) narrowing the list to six use cases. In this article, we propose a prioritization of those use cases and ask you to vote to share your thoughts.

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