Outside Reading: Mary and Tom Poppendieck on Lean Software Development

outside reading

InfoQ has an outstanding interview with Mary and Tom Poppendieck about Lean Software Development. One of the longer interviews on the topic, and full of great context and content. You can watch streaming video of the interview, jump around to the answers of specific questions, or read the full transcript – great format for presenting a long form interview like this. Hat tip to Peter for finding it (his article includes the transcript without the video, if you have limited bandwidth).

With an engineering background, I’ve been approaching software development from a lean perspective accidentally – I was also influenced by The Machine That Changed The World as a fresh-out-of-college mechanical engineer. It is exciting to see a formalized treatment and application of the ideas.

2 thoughts on “Outside Reading: Mary and Tom Poppendieck on Lean Software Development

  1. Hey Alexey, thanks for reading and commenting!

    I don’t have any pointers yet – I need to do more research and apply the principals before I could really suggest anything.

    Maybe some other readers can make suggestions?

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