Flashback: A Year Ago This Week on Tyner Blain [2006-02-24]

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Software Requirements Specification Iteration and Prototyping

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Developing great software requirements demands iterationIn our previous post of an example of the software development process, we showed a linear flow through the process, as depicted in several posts over a couple weeks. What we failed to show was any of the iteration cycles, as Deepak points out by asking a great question in the comments on that post. In this post, we will show a little more about how the process works by showing how iteration fits into the machinery of software development.

The Reason Why

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Seth Godin has a post titled The Reason. In each of his examples, Seth asks and answers the reason why we do things that don’t have an obvious rationale.

Requirements elicitation is about asking why. When we ask why correctly, we get great insight, which enables great requirements, which can yield great software. When we ask why incorrectly, we can get a great big mess.

Measuring The Cost of Quality: Software Testing Series

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Should we test our software? Should we test it more?The answer to the first question is almost invariably yes. The answer to the second question is usually “I don’t know.”We write a lot about the importance of testing. We have several other posts in our series on software testing. How do we know when we should do more automated testing?

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