Non-Functional Requirements ERA [now available]

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PEBBAK* error!

Through a complete oversight / ommission / coma, the Non-Functional Requirements Equal Rights Amendment article was accidentally marked as private shortly after it was published. I was wondering why so many 404s happened when people tried to read it.

Well, its back now. Enjoy it, and comment. It highlights a critical issue – requirements that characterize behavior are not getting the attention they deserve. James Leatherman also has some great thoughts on how to address this issue – we agree on the problem, but don’t yet agree on a solution. Check out his original post, and his followup – he managed to get a comment with a link before the post mysteriously disappeared.

Add your comments, or links to your own thoughts – we will all benefit from figuring this one out.

*PEBBAK – Problem exists between blogger and keyboard

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