New theme for Tyner Blain!


We’ve upgraded our theme!

  • The new look should provide much better support for users with larger monitors, while still supporting folks reading at 800×600 resolution.
  • We’ve added a calendar widget to make it easy to find the posts for a given date.
  • We have easier navigation from page to page, within search results, archives, categories and navigating from post to post.
  • We’ve incorporated a little of our branding into the site.

Please give us usability feedback – we were only able to test IE6 and Firefox, and we have some readers who use IE7, IE5, Safari, Opera, Lynx, other variations of Mozilla and Netscape.  Please let us know if you have any rendering problems, or usability issues with the site.

Thanks in advance!

6 thoughts on “New theme for Tyner Blain!

  1. Now on version 0.2, with the following changes:

    • White background explicitly defined to address IE7 “light coloration” of the background
    • block quotes within posts now have distinctive styling
    • comments alternate in color for faster scanning
  2. Feature request list for 0.3
    I will be using this comment as a place to record feature requests for future versions.

    1. Support for unordered lists in comments
    2. Support for ordered lists in comments
    3. Change color of ‘visited’ links to be more distinctive relative to default text color – on laptop screens it can be very difficult to scan for previously visited links
    4. Add image to blockquotes in posts
    5. Distinguish comments from trackbacks and pingbacks
    6. Distinguish author comments from reader comments
    7. Enable comments on fixed pages (as well as posts)
    8. Show post-date more visibly on index page
    9. Show post date on post/archive tabs in similar way to index tab
    10. show “tag this at” link and icon along with posts
    11. update month-archive and single-day-archive and categories and search-results pages to show “Excerpt from this post” text and a “View the full post” link.  including making the elipsis a link if possible
    12. update search-results page to show “found X posts” now showing “1-N of X”
    13. Increase size of “blog description” text in the header
    14. make navigation text slightly larger
    15. remove duplicate navigation from bottom of search results
  3. Version 0.4 is currently implemeneted – outstanding features to implement in priority order:

    1. change trackback from link to text
    2. Enable comments on pages
    3. remove duplicate nav from search page
    4. Separate comments from trackbacks and pingbacks
    5. Show ‘tag this at delicious’ tags
    6. show results-count for search pages
    7. Add image to blockquotes
  4. A thought about the theme of the page:

    Overall I think it looks really good but I think the links at the top of the page for ‘Main’ and ‘Earlier Entries’ are too hard to see.

  5. Thanks – increased the font size of the navigation. Also added a help link for google-toolbar readers, and incorporated a couple “live site” tweaks back into the official template.

    Version 0.6 is now live.

    Anyone else have suggestions?

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