IEEE Austin Event: Seilevel presents on requirements

large requirements audience

Jerry Aubin and Joe Shideler of Seilevel will be giving their presentation, Beyond the System Shall – A Journey from Good to Great Requirements. Although this meeting is sponsored by the Austin chapter of IEEE, it is open to the public.

[Update: The meeting is from 6:30-9:00pm on Wednesday 15 February 2006]

If you were paying attention last month, this is the presentation that was delayed when we had our “ice storm” in December. The presentation has been rescheduled, so update your calendar.

From the summary:

“Today, only a small percent of IT projects succeed while the rest significantly under perform or fail outright. Seilevel will begin the presentation by delving into the statistics behind this statement and then move on to discuss how poor software requirements are a primary reason. The presenters will explore the root causes behind the problem and then provide suggestions as to how companies can improve the situation. […]”

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a few Seilevel folks in the past, and they are top-shelf. I’m looking forward to the presentation – you should make it if you can.

Update: Just realized that the link I included doesn’t have directions – check out the IEEE Austin calendar for directions to the event.

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