Ideavirus – Marketing By Word Of Mouth


When you launch a new software product, or start a new blog, or a website, one way to get the word out is by viral marketing.

Thanks to this post on the Presentation Zen website, I found a great presentation by Seth Godin here. Lots of good examples, from Google to the Macarena to the “Soup Nazi”
Some really key points he makes –

  • The idea vectors from user to user (slide 29)
  • The more you give your idea away for free, the more valuable it is (slides 32-33)
  • Build the mindshare first, then monetize. “get cash now!” cripples the spread of your virus (slides 36-40)
  • Seth gave his book away instead of selling it – 200,000 downloads the first two weeks (slide 55). Now at amazon.

Some other examples that come to mind for me are skype and icq -> free versions lead to either paid versions or advertizing revenue. And ads provide a way to monetize without innoculating against your vector. Since it’s still free for the users, it still propogates as an idea. Although ads do slow it down a little, but more like taking vitamin C than taking anti-biotics.

With this blog, hopefully I’ll point you to great blogs you haven’t read, and add an idea or two that provides value here as well. And others will do the same with their blogs and these posts.

To paraphrase the best Southpark minor characters ever:

Phase 1: Write blog.

Phase 2:

Phase 3: Profits

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